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While many congregations of various religious traditions have teams that visit their own parishioners who are confined in long-term care centers, SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors is unique by serving a wide variety of care centers, while striving to meet the needs of ALL the residents - and members of the staff and administration as well.

Currently, we provide monthly worship services in 59 Assisted Living and Complete Care homes, convalescent hospitals, and retirement centers. Our corps of volunteers call on hundreds of seniors, providing attention and encouragement.

Our ecumenical services are free and open to all. We respect the dignity of the individual and serve each person regardless of race or ethnic origin, social or economic status. Persons of any religious background--or none at all--are welcome to participate. No one is ever excluded. Our concern is for the spiritual and emotional well-being of all confined seniors. We welcome each person.

Volunteer orientations are held so that new volunteers are prepared to face the realities of life in a nursing home and are sensitized to the special needs and limitations of the residents.

For information on joining an existing Worship Team
Contact: Rev. Sue Ann Yarbrough at

For information on emerging Worship Team Opportunities
Contact: Rev. Terry Burris at

“I met some amazing women! This experience is such a blessing! It really is more blessed to give than to receive!”


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