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We offer ecumenical worship services and hymn singing in care homes around the San Francisco Bay Area. Elders are served with warmth, compassion and dignity by pastors and volunteers.

Join SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors, as a friendly visitor, worship team member or musician.  Bring your pet or create a wheelchair blanket to cheer up a senior community. Individual donors, church groups or other organizations are encouraged to take part.

Comments from some of our Volunteers:

“Interacting with the Seniors gives me so much joy.  I can see the glow of happiness in their eyes as they start talking to me. I see they need somebody to talk with and to listen to their stories.  Being here today is very fulfilling.”

“I met some amazing women! This experience is such a blessing! It really is more blessed to give than to receive!”

“Just loving the elders I visited today was a special experience.  They shared their concerns and they were so appreciative of hearing about happy family and community activities than the negative news on the TV.”

A young girl, eight years old, wrote to tell SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors that “I enjoyed saying my poem in front of the group of seniors, and playing the piano for them.  The residential community was so beautifully decorated and a nice place to visit.”


Thank you to the San Francisco Foundation for their grant to SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors!

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