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You may be asking yourself. "But what can I do?" We welcome that question. SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors offers a wide variety of options for meaningful volunteer service. All utilize and develop the interpersonal skills of friendship, compassion, listening, understanding, and encouragement. Look over the following brief descriptions and think about your own abilities, desires, and interests. Even if you can contribute only an hour or so a month, there is sure to be a meaningful way for you to share who you are through SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors .

Friendly Visitor [ learn more ]

Visit one-on-one with residents of local nursing homes and convalescent hospitals. Share stories and experiences and become a personal friend and spiritual confidante if requested. One hour per week or more

Worship Assistant [ learn more ]

Help the Chaplain or Team Leader assemble residents of an elder-care center for their monthly worship service. Your participation in worship will help enhance the worship experience for all and will naturally lead into your getting to know many of the residents. One hour per month or more for each care center visited.

Bible Class Teacher   [ learn more ]

Teach informal Bible studies to groups of interested senior citizens in retirement centers. One hour per month or more, plus lesson preparation time.

Pianist/Musician/Vocalist [ learn more ]

Assist in leading worship services and sing a-longs with residents of nursing homes and convalescent hospitals. Musicians who play the piano or guitar are especially needed, but other instrumentalists are also welcome. In addition, we are always looking for people who enjoy singing, either as performers or worship leaders. One hour per month or more. 

Intergenerational Visitors  [ learn more ]

You and your child can adopt a "grandma" or "grandpa". Children can bring much joy to those living in care homes. Many residents love to hold and rock babies, while others enjoy sharing stories and experiences with toddlers and older children. These interactions help everyone to bridge generational differences and gain appreciation for our common human needs. One hour per month or more.

Arts and Crafts Teacher [ learn more ]

Teach various handicraft skills to small groups of seniors in elder-care centers. You'll need know-how to adapt different arts and crafts in this setting. One hour per week or more.

Pet Visits  [ learn more ]

Join our PAWS ("Pets Awaken Wonder and Sympathy") Program! Take a pet (usually a puppy or mild-mannered older dog) to residents of local nursing homes, letting them gently stroke and "talk" with the animal. You must know your pet's temperament and maintain control of its behavior during the visits. Please note that most homes will require a list of current vaccinations. One hour per month or more for each care center visited.

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To prepare you for any of these service opportunities, SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors holds a two-hour New Volunteer Orientation. There are also periodic seminars and workshops. Ongoing supervision and assistance are provided by a staff Chaplain or Team Leader. It can take as little as one or two hours per month to be a volunteer with SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors . There are service opportunities for youth and adults of all ages in a wide variety of settings. 


Want to learn more? Contact us at: , or call us at 650-483-8328.  We look forward to getting to know you and hearing your ideas.


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